Through his hands-on practical experience Günther Dankmeyer acquired and developed his thorough knowledge and understanding of Paphiopedilum during the course of the past 50 years.

Of no less importance were the 29 years of his absorbing career spent at the breeding nurseries of Wichmann-Orchideen Celle, which laid the foundations for his passionate involvement in breeding and growing Paphiopedilum in addition to his work with the other two important genus Cattleya and Cymbidium.

This inevitably led him to visit the legendary orchid breeding nurseries of England, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Sweden. Very few growers from that past era of breeding, who can recall the famous orchid nurseries and companies, remain today to talk about their experiences. But it is the duty of everyone who remembers any facts concerning the breeding of Paphiopedilum in those days to record and document their knowldge before it is too late. Especially with Paphiopedilum.

By comparison to representative breeding successes of earlier times the catalogued offers of that period quoted every variety of natural cultivar which collectors could offer for export. The genus Paphiopedilum occupied a key position. It should be a compelling demand for every orchid breeder with the appropriate understanding of this knowledge to report before it is too late, especially since with regard to Paphiopedilum the percentage of old breeds still to be found living is very seriously limited.