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The book Dank-o-pedilum is an unique illustrated work of reference concerning the history of Paphiopedilum breeding from the very beginning upto the present time 2021. Although this genus lost importance in recent years on account of cloning difficulties, it was always an integral aspect of orchid knowledge for over 150 years.

Dank-o-pedilum documents the development of the breeding history from an homogenous viewpoint of the chain of events, inclusive introductary text, index programme as well as the spectacular beginning of the breeding with the extensive, complete spectrum of natural wild forms. All illustrations bear the correct registered names including parentage.

The original volume presented to the public for the first time at the WOC in Vancouver in 1999, and subsequently a year later at EOC in Copenhagen, has been reduced in size to 30 cm x 20 cm for convenience, in digital print of outstanding quality.

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The book Dank-o-pedilum Spezial presented here is a part of the breeding documentary Dank-o-pedilum. In extensive presentation on more than 600 imagines the species of Paphiopedilum are listet as a basis for an introduction into the hybridization through different, manifold clones. Thus it was possible to extract the survey of all new and latest species from the book Dank-o-pedilum, as wanted by many lovers.

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